Steel Strip Processing

IMG_0926Lead Anodes

The main application for lead anodes is in hard chromium plating. SPF Europe is specialised in optimising the design and construction of lead anodes in order to meet the increasing demands with respect to current distribution, anode stability and servicelife.


Lead Clad Titanium Anodes

SAM_5942Lead clad titanium anodes combine the best of titanium and lead alloys for practically maintenance free anodes. On solid titanium a layer of lead alloy is applied by means of a high developed technology. The titanium support structure provides the mechanical rigidity, This type of anode construction is tipically used in processes, where high emphasis is punt on the reduction of both lead sludge and maintenance costs.

Mixed Oxide Coated Anodes

The invention of the mixed oxide coatings has revolutionised the electrochemical industry. The chlorine industry was among the first to recognise the advantages of the superb corrosion resistance of titanium in combination with the excellent electrochemical properties of the mixed oxide coatings.